Head of Finance - Job Description

Job title Head of Finance
Department/Section Finance and Resources
Reporting to Director of Finance and Resources
Responsible for staff Finance Business Partner
Senior Finance Officer

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Job Purpose - duties and responsibilities

  1. To be responsible to the Director of Finance and IT for leading and managing the Local Space's financial and management accounting activities.
  2. To ensure the Management Team and Board, and colleagues receive the financial management accounting data required to help achieve improved service delivery, maintaining a strong internal customer focus in support of operational teams.
  3. To support and develop team members to ensure their contribution to the business is maximised through effective people and performance management.
  4. To deputise for the Director of Finance and Resources, as required.

Key tasks

Financial Strategy

  1. Work with the Director of Finance to develop and maintain robust financial procedures that are consistent with business objectives and priorities and comply with best practice, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. Ensure all relevant financial management information is delivered effectively and on a timely basis to the Executive Team, Boards, Committees and all budget holders.

Financial Accounting

  1. Assist the Director with the development of the Treasury strategy and policies.
  2. Ensure that accounting systems are robust and sufficiently flexible to ensure a flexible response to reporting requirements and to provide a practical framework for accountancy, income collection and financial management.
  3. Ensure that appropriate controls are in place through delegated authorities, separation of duties and other methods to minimise the risk of financial fraud. Ensure that all reconciliations are prepared to agreed timetable, and that reconciling items are dealt with as appropriate.
  4. Lead the statutory accounts process to ensure the accurate and timely preparation and presentation of financial statements to the Board and compliance with all statutory obligations.
  5. Manage the year-end audit process.
  6. Ensure that all statutory and regulatory financial returns including HMRC tax returns, returns to lenders and HCA, are submitted accurately and on time.

Management Accounting

  1. Lead, manage and continuously improve the preparation and production of budgets, working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the process is customer focused and responsive to feedback.
  2. Ensure that regular management accounts reports are produced, working in partnership with budget holders to deliver a high standard of service to internal and external customers by anticipating and understanding their financial information needs in order to achieve performance standards and business objectives.
  3. Ensure that material variances are investigated and analysed and agree, co-ordinate and monitor remedial action plans.
  4. Work with the Director to manage the forecasting and financial performance review process.

Treasury Management and Business Plan

  1. Ensure that accurate cashflow forecasts are produced to agreed timetable, incorporating up to date information from the Development team on capital expenditure.
  2. Ensure the long term financial plan is kept up to date to reflect changes in underlying assumptions etc.
  3. Ensure that the latest treasury position is monitored and reported to ensure compliance with covenants and adherence to agreed Treasury policies, including the forecasting of future funding requirements.

Finance Operations

  1. Ensure that financial procedures are robustly followed, and that staff are informed of these and any amendments as required, and to review these periodically with the Finance Director.
  2. Ensure that all activities associated with the day-to-day customer service of processing income, payments and cash are effectively delivered and anticipate the changing needs of customers.
  3. Manage the annual rent and service charge review process.

Risk Management

  1. Take the lead, as required by the Director, in liaising with external and internal auditors and HMRC, identifying any potential risks to financial procedures and initiating remedial action as required.

Corporate Management

  1. To be an active and effective member of Local Space management.

Board of Management/Governance

  1. Prepare and present reports the Management Team and Board as required

Staff Management

  1. Provide effective leadership, support and motivation to staff, ensuring that all staff are recruited, trained, managed, appraised and developed in accordance with internal and statutory procedures, in an effective and sensitive manner.
  2. Agree objectives with staff and regularly review their performance, to ensure that services are properly planned, policies implemented and individual development needs met.


  1. Provide appropriate reporting systems to the Director of Finance.
  2. Promote and represent Local Space at local and national meetings and with other organisations as appropriate.
  3. Contribute to Best Value reviews and ensure Best Value is achieved in all aspects of the finance and information teams.

This job description outlines the main duties of the post but does not exclude other duties, which may be undertaken to ensure the efficient operation of the department. Other duties required will be consistent with those listed above and appropriate to the title and grade of the post.

Equalities and Diversity

In line with the organisation's Equalities Act 2010 Local Space Staff must to ensure that no users of its services, its employees or job applicants are unfairly discriminated against because of their identifies the following protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or criminal record nor disadvantaged by any conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justified. Local Space is committed to ensuring and promoting the rights of all people to equality of opportunity and all staff are required to abide by these principles.

Budgetary responsibilities

In accordance with the financial regulations and standing orders.

Customer care

Colleagues, Suppliers, Banks, Tenants, creditors


EMT and senior managers in other departments

Health and Safety

It is the duty of all employees to ensure that a safe working environment and safe working practices are maintained at all times. It is also the responsibility of management to do so.

Data Protection

In line with national legislation data will be processed in a fair and lawful way, for the specific registered purpose and not disclosed in any way incompatible with such purpose or to any unauthorised persons or organisations.

This organisation attaches the greatest importance and confidentiality to tenants, staff, and other data held by the organisation. All data should be treated as confidential and should only be disclosed on a need to know basis.

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