Director of Finance and Resources - Job Description

Job title Director of Finance and Resources
Department/Section Executive Management Team
Reporting to Jitinder Takhar
Responsible for staff Head of Finance
Finance Business Partner
Senior Finance Officer
Finance Officer
Facilities Manager

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Job Purpose - duties and responsibilities

  1. Lead and be responsible for the Finance and Resources Directorate to provide a comprehensive range of financial management, accounting, treasury management, risk management and IT services to the Company.
  2. Develop and implement the overall financial strategy for Local Space and ensure robust budgetary control within the organisation.
  3. To be a fully effective member of the executive team supporting the organisation wide corporate plan with exemplary leadership, professional and behavioural standards externally and internally
  4. To deputise for the Chief Executive, as required.

Key tasks

  1. Review and develop the overall financial strategy that underpins the Board's strategic direction and ensure that the financial implications of all strategic and physical plans are fully assessed and considered.
  2. Develop the future funding strategy and secure future bond finances to support Local Space's growth and ambition.
  3. Develop and review the organisation's borrowing and treasury management strategy ensuring that the Loan Portfolio is financially viable and sustainable and is effectively managed
  4. Ensure the Board is provided with regular financial monitoring and control reports to enable it to exercise strategic controls over the financial affairs of the organization
  5. Develop, monitor and review Local Space's risk register ensuring effective strategies and plans are in place to mitigate risks.
  6. Lead the development and implementation of value for money strategies and ensure that Local Space is in possession of good quality VFM systems in line with a procurement strategy spanning the organisation.
  7. Co-ordinate the preparation of the Company's budget and financial management accounts including providing information, advice and support to the Board and all budget holders and in accordance with business plan objectives.
  8. Work with the Chief Executive and Company Secretary to ensure that Local Space meets all its statutory financial and legal obligations and complies with the requirements of
    • the Master Agreement with LBN
    • the Homes and Communities Agency
    • Companies House
    • Internal and external audit
    • Secure and effective controls and assurance systems.
  9. Prepare, implement and manage the organisation's IT strategy and ensure that the organisation's IT systems are fit for purpose, and are delivered by our external partners to the standards agreed by them.
  10. To ensure that financial procedures are robust and up-to-date, and that these are being adhered to through the Head of Finance and their team.
  11. To develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, key partners, stakeholders, consultants and contractors contributing where relevant to the review of local plans, policies and procedures.
  12. To ensure effective management of staff and resources promoting team building and collaborative working to deliver the corporate plan, ensuring compliance with Association policies and procedures.
  13. To be a member of the Executive Management Team, participating in the strategic and corporate management of Local Space, upholding the its commitment to service excellence, continuous improvement and best practice in all areas.
  14. To contribute to the development, implementation and review of Local Space's corporate strategies, annual plans, policies and procedures; providing leadership on development services and working in partnership with colleagues.
  15. To ensure full and consistent implementation of the Association's performance management framework.
  16. To research and analyse data, comparing our methods and performance with others, to achieve continuous service improvement.
  17. To provide clear, succinct and cogent reports to required deadlines for the Board, Committees, Chief Executive, Management Teams and key partners and stakeholders as required, providing advice and guidance to the Board on changes to legislation or shifts within the economy that may impact on delivery of services to tenants and residents.
  18. Acting as the lead point of contact for the Regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency, on financial matters, ensuring that all financial returns are submitted in accordance with prescribed deadlines and that any queries are promptly and efficiently answered.
  19. This job description outlines the main duties of the post but does not exclude other duties, which may be undertaken to ensure the efficient operation of the department. Other duties required will be consistent with those listed above and appropriate to the title and grade of the post.
  20. All staff will be expected to demonstrate the key corporate values in the way they carry out their job.

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